Enviro Liner 6000 - Potable Water Tank


TIMEFRAME: November 2007

PRODUCT: Enviro Liner 6030 cover, 36 mil RPP liner

PROJECT PARTNERS: Developer: TC Construction Supplier: Layfield

The Challenge

TC Construction was grading a mountain side in El Cajon, CA for a large home developer. TC was also responsible for building a water tank on top of the mountain. The job was running behind schedule and the developer wanted to start selling some of the condos and homes that had been completed near the bottom of the mountain but they could not sell the homes until they had potable water available.
TC Construction approached Layfield to furnish and install a modular tank to provide potable water to the recently completed model homes, to the rest of the construction site and that could act as an emergency fire tank. There was also an extremely tight area to work with. The pad where the tank was to be placed was only a few feet wider than the tank itself. Due to the grading of the site and the remainder of the mountain behind the pad, there was only one 6’ wide road running in and out of the site where the tank was to be placed.

The Solution

Layfield was contracted to bring in a potable water tank that could hold up to 500,000 gallons of water. The tank was placed on a graded pad near the top of the mountain. Layfield fabricated a 36 mil RPP potable grade geomembrane to line tank and a premium Enviro Liner 6030 for the tank cover forming a full enclosure for the tank. The tank measured approximately 150’ x 100’ and was approximately 5’ tall. To overcome the tight area constraints, Layfield had to modify the standard tank construction plans and build the tank starting in the corner of the far side of the graded pad and proceeding toward the entrance to the site.
The perimeter shell of the tank was assembled in two days. The liner material was placed inside the tank and the panels were welded together. The cover material was then placed inside the tank and the panels were welded together. Both the liner and cover were secured around the top perimeter of the tank. TC Construction hooked both the outlet and inlet valves up to the tank and began filling it with water.


Less than a week after construction on the tank began, the developer had fresh potable water flowing to all the homes and condos that had been completed. TC Construction was also able to use the water tank as a high ground truck filling station.  The tank allowed the developer to start selling units right away. 

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