FilterPave Permeable Paving

FilterPave is a porous pavement which uses recycled coloured glass aggregate to allow for infiltration of stormwater.


    • Aggregate is made with up to 100% post consumer recycled glass
    • A number of color options are available
    • Highly porous design lets water infiltrate
    • Has a lower solar reflective index and is cooler that regular pavement


    • Parking lots and driveways
    • Trails and walkways
    • Golf cart paths
    • Sidewalks and patios
    FilterPave Permeable Paving Specifications

Product Description

FilterPave is an architectural porous pavement system that consists of recycled coloured glass aggregate and a high strength binder. This pavement is a significant architectural enhancement to any project and is eligible for LEED credits. FilterPave is highly porous and through infiltration significantly reduces stormwater runoff. It can be designed to work with or replace underground stormwater storage systems. Depending on the loading, typical thickness of FilterPave is 63 mm (2.5 inches) to 88 mm (3.5 inches) and is usually supported by a prepared open graded clean coarse gravel. The base course is typically up to 300 mm (12 inches) thick depending on the subgrade soil on site, but may be thicker to accommodate stormwater storage requirements. Several colours are available to suit project requirements including amber brown, sedona red, sapphire blue, jade green and topaz brown. Typical applications include parking areas, driveways, trails and walkways, golf paths, sidewalks, patios, boat ramp landings.

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