CSPE Geomembrane



  • Industry leading 30 years weathering warranty
  • 45 years of floating cover & liner performance
  • Excellent UV & chemical resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility and durability
  • NSF 61 certified for potable water
  • Available in a variety of customizable colors

Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE), formerly known as Hypalon, is a high-performance geomembrane material designed for long term applications including floating covers and exposed liners. As a floating cover material, CSPE provides truly outstanding UV protection and long term performance. CSPE floating covers are designed to eliminate evaporation and protect the water source from contaminats, including dirt and debris. CSPE has been used extensively for water containment and protection applications for over 45 years and is backed with an industry leading 30-year weathering warranty. CSPE floating covers in reservoirs are one of the most economical ways of storing and treating large quantity of water. CSPE geomembranes and floating covers are being used around the world in containment applications to protect water, including municipal water districts, mining, oil and gas and agriculture.

Layfield has extensive global experience supplying and installing CSPE floating covers. Layfield provides design support, fabrication, and installation services. Our floating covers include defined sump and tensioned cable designed systems ensuring proper cover tensioning, buoyancy, and long-term performance. Contact us to discuss or partner us on your next project.