About Us

The Layfield Group of CompaniesThe corporate offices of the Layfield Group are co-located with our Polyethylene Films plant in Richmond, British Columbia

Layfield was originally established in the mid 1950s as a fabricated plastics business. In 1978, the current owners purchased Layfield and diversified the product line. Growing from a single operation in Edmonton, Alberta, Layfield has pursued an aggressive course of expansion through product innovation & technology, acquisitions, market diversification and the development of its people.  

Today, Layfield is a vertically integrated company with manufacturing, fabrication, construction and distribution hubs strategically located across North America.  These include facilities and offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, San Diego, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, North Dakota and West Virginia. The corporate offices of the Layfield Group are located near Vancouver in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

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