Layfield Presents Technical Paper at the Geosynthetics Conference

February 12, 2019

Layfield Chosen to Present Technical Paper at the Geosynthetics Conference held this February in Houston, Texas.


Andrew Mills, Layfield Geosynthetics Project Manager and Brian Fraser, Vice President Geosynthetics USA,  were chosen to present their paper at this years Geosynthetics Conference 2019 in Houston, Texas.  Brian Fraser presented the paper that outlines the long-term performance of HDPE Geomembranes when exposed to a high temperature brine solution. 

Geomembrane application temperatures continue to climb as their use is expanded into more challenging environments. The common factor in these new applications is higher temperature. Examples such as flowback liquid storage in hydraulic fracturing applications can reach 90C or more while long term brine storage and evaporation ponds are reaching even hotter temperatures.

Other research with landfill liners has shown that increasing the service temperature of a polyethylene geomembrane to 85C can reduce the service life of the liner to as little as 3 years through the rapid depletion of antioxidants. In this paper, the performance of a geomembrane material exposed to a brine solution was evaluated over a year-long period and compared to other geomembrane materials. The geomembrane samples were exposed to three different service temperatures and then periodically evaluated for antioxidant retention. The newly developed geomembrane presented in this study showed better resistance to hot brine than regular HDPE geomembrane materials.

To view the full Technical Paper please click here.

About Layfield: The Layfield Group is the only integrated organization that provides tailored polymer-based solutions that are proven to protect our families, communities and the environment. Organized within a matrix management construct, we strategically invest in two complementary business units; Geosynthetics and Flexible Packaging, each with their specialized market segments.