Layfield USA completes installation of a 700,000 square-foot floating cover

December 2, 2019

Layfield USA completes installation of a 700,000 square-foot floating cover at the Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir in western Los Angeles.

San Diego, California – December 2019

Layfield USA Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of the supply and installation of a 700,000 square-foot geomembrane floating cover for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP), Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir.

The Upper Stone Canyon reservoir Upper Stone Canyon Floating Coverwas a part of an initiative to preserve and protect water quality for over 450,000 residents of Los Angeles, California. The project was initiated to help the reservoir comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality standards. The floating cover materials were produced from Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE), a specialized synthetic rubber material (formerly Hypalon). This material was manufactured in a distinctive blue color to better match the surrounding environment. The floating cover was mechanically anchored to the concrete perimeter edge of the reservoir above the topwater elevation. The defined sump cover design ensures the cover floats on the large water surface, adjusting as needed to the changing water levels. The floating cover is designed to eliminate evaporation while protecting the water from outside dirt and debris. Open-top reservoirs and floating covers are one of the most economical ways to store large volumes of drinking water. CSPE has been used extensively in the past 40 years for floating covers for potable water storage (CSPE Performance & History in long term Potable Water Storage Applications).

“LADWP takes great pride in completing this major infrastructure project ensuring access to clean, safe, reliable drinking water for the communities we serve,” said LADWP General Manager and Chief Engineer Martin L. Adams. “The innovative, flexible membrane cover at Upper Stone Canyon is the largest in LADWP’s water system and is an example of a wise and practical investment in our city’s water supply, providing lasting benefits for many years to come.” (LADWP 2019).

Layfield has worked with the LADWP for over 25 years, installing geomembranes and floating covers on various projects, including the Santa Ynez, Eagle Rock, Lower Franklin, and Elysian reservoir.

About Layfield: Layfield USA Corp. is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, and construction services of geomembranes and floating covers. Layfield provides a full line of geosynthetic products and services for environmental containment and civil construction.
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We also encourage you to read the original article regarding the Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir written by the LADWP. You can find access to the article by clicking the link here.
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LADWP’s Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir Returns to Service with Newly Installed Floating Cover. (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. , 2019)