EL 7040 Defined Sump Floating Cover

LOCATION: Saskatchewan, Canada TIMEFRAME: 2015 PRODUCT: EL 7040, Defined Sump Floating Cover PARTNERS: The City of North Battleford, Layfield Geosynthetics

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The City of North Battleford was looking for an economical biosolids management solution which would function reliably in extreme cold and a prolonged winter climate. The proposed treatment process would convert the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) biosolids into a Class A fertilizer (or equivalent). A lined and covered reservoir was designed and constructed to hold and protect the liquid fertilizer product between usage cycles. It was noted that due to off-gassing during the conversion process odor management would be critical, especially for residents located downwind of the waste management facility. The other issue was the dilution of liquid fertilizer by rainwater. Layfield proposed a defined sump floating cover that would mitigate both the above problems. Layfield was the successful contractor, and the floating cover portion of the work was primarily a design/build project. Layfield proposed Enviro Liner (EL) 7040, which is a coextruded, fortified polyolefin geomembrane. EL7040 mimics the flexibility of a linear low-density geomembrane and demonstrates permeability characteristics of a higher density material. The cover was designed with underside transmission floats as well as a perimeter collection pipe and relief valves to manage gas build-up under the cover.

The city of North Battleford won a 2015 CAMA Award in the Environment category for its implementation of a Lystek biosolidsmanagement system to minimize waste for landfill. Layfield is proud to be part of this unique environment-friendly project.