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Aqua Dam® Protects against Potential Flood Waters

April 8, 2008

Layfield’s Aqua Dam® is a unique product used to dam and divert flood waters and storm water run-off in Flood Control Applications

In 2007 the Fraser Valley snow-pack was 135% of the norm1. The greatest risk for flooding results from above normal snow packs combined with well above normal temperatures and or heavy rainfall during snowmelt during May and June. Current estimates of the potential flood damage that sooner or later could occur in the Greater Vancouver region are in the range of several billion dollars. In addition, huge operational losses would be sustained by businesses and by employees as a result of lost work2. Therefore, the City of Burnaby knew it was imperative to take action to reduce the flood risk by immediately increasing the level of preparedness for a major flood along the Fraser River that could come before permanent measures could be completed.


The City of Burnaby purchased 59 of the 3’ high Aqua Dams® to protect a commercial business park adjacent to the Fraser River. The dams protected 4,650 lineal feet of low shoreline in the event the Fraser River breached the existing embankment. The Aqua Dams® were easily deployed & later removed by City crews. The dams were stored for future use in coming years and could be readily deployed in other regions of the City. Layfield has successfully used the Aqua Dam® for Flood Control for both residential and industrial applications. Aqua Dam® is a temporary portable dam, which is filled with water in order to create a dam structure. They are lightweight and easy to handle, and can be used in virtually any location. They are environmentally safe and specifically designed to provide rapid deployment.

To find out more about how the Aqua Dam® can work in your flood control plan, please call 1-800-840-2884 in Canada and 1-800-796-6868 in the USA. Complete product details can also be viewed online at www.layfieldgroup.com.

1 - Government of British Columbia
2 - Vancouver Board of Trade

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