The Layfield Group of Companies Celebrates 40th Anniversary

June 27, 2018

Vancouver, Canada – June 26, 2018
The Layfield Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a leading manufacturer, fabricator and installer of high performance geomembranes, specialty geosynthetics and custom packaging solutions. The family owned, and operated company was purchased in 1978 by Tom Rose and is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
During the past 40 years Layfield has built a tradition of innovation, market diversification, geographic expansion and employee development. They continue to be at the forefront of providing unique, innovative and sustainable products that protect our communities, families and environment. Layfield has built its success on its deeply rooted family values concerning high ethical standards and a commitment to excellence. 
“We were one of the first companies to get involved in the geomembrane business. We've heavily invested in the best technologies and the best equipment available in our packaging business, and our extrusion business, and our fabrication capabilities. When we looked at what was important with what we do, everything we do protects something. It can be the cereal you eat, it can be the water you drink. It is our products that are there to help protect the environment.,” said Rose when reflecting on the past 40 years.
To celebrate this milestone, Layfield has created a refreshed corporate video. As well, Layfield will be hosting open house events in multiple locations across the company. For additional information, please visit our website at

About Layfield: The Layfield Group is the only integrated organization that provides tailored polymer-based solutions that are proven to protect our families, communities and environment. Organized within a matrix management construct, we strategically invest in two complimentary business units; Geosynthetics and Flexible Packaging, each with their specialized market segments.

"We were offered Geogrids made overseas from a small distributor, but we declined as their testing were suspect and they had no reputation in the market. We will only work with reputable suppliers like Layfield as their Geogrids perform as per recognized specifications." Kenny, Engineering & Scientific Consultant,

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About Environmental Containment

Layfield Environmental Containment is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of high performance geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. We work with end users, consulting engineers and contractors to deliver products and services that protect the environment. Layfield Environmental Containment has strategic locations across North America and internationally.

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