Flood Control Systems

Layfield aqua dam flood control systems are fast and inexpensive to deploy, easy to remove and can be produced with short notice.

When you need a flood control system you want to know that you’re investing in one that is fast and easy to deploy, easy to remove when the need is over and can be re-used when necessary.  This is why Layfield has invested years into perfecting the Aqua Dam line of flood controls products.  We need to know that the large number of governments and companies that work with us to protect their property and the properties of their citizens have the peace of mind of knowing the solution they have on hand will work and can be setup rapidly by only a few people.

Why Choose The Layfield Flood Control System?

There are many reasons to choose to work with Layfield for something as crucial as flood control but here are some of the reasons we hear about the most:

  • Price – Our solutions is typically 25-50% cheaper than a similar-sized sandbag solution and that’s only in the material cost and doesn’t account for the significantly lower deployment and removal costs.  Aqua Dams, unlike sandbags, are also reuseable and easily stored after they are deflated. 

  • Time – When a flood is approaching time can be of the essence.  An Aqua Dam is 10x faster to install and rather than taking dozens of volunteers it requires only a few people to set up.  This allows for far greater areas to be protected far more quickly.

  • Reliability – As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so too is a dam only as strong as its weakest point.  A Layfield flood control system is built by professionals in a controlled environment and can be reliably deployed. A sandbag wall built by exhausted volunteers cannot provide the same protection.

  • Ease – At Layfield we know that when time is of the essence you need a solution that’s easy to deploy and easy to get trained to deploy.  Layfield is happy to train its clients on how to use the product and how to get it done quickly so when the need arises, the solution can be quickly implemented.

  • Convenient – You have a flood coming.  What’s a resource you have plenty of? Water. That’s why Layfield flood control systems use this very resource at the core of our solutions. Rather than needing to transport sand and other materials to the location, we simply make use of what is already there.

Example Flood Control Solutions

If you’re wondering who a typical client is of a Layfield flood control system the answer is, they’re probably just like you.  Here are just a few examples of our clients:

  • An Individual Home Owner – An individual home owner in Orillia, Ontario who lived in an area subject to flooding each year got tired of the high cost of the setup and removal of sand bags around his home and deployed an Aqua Dam.  His house was saved from flooding on the first year due to the 2.5 hour setup time of the complete system around his home vs the days a sandbag solution would take.

  • Government – The province of Manitoba, Canada needed 18 kilometers of flood protection in 6 weeks. Because of the commitment and dedication of Layfield’s team over 600 dams were created and delivered in 40 cargo trailers and delivered on time to protect hundreds of homes across southern Manitoba.

  • Companies – From golf courses protecting their high-tech equipment to oil companies using Layfield dams to control water for easier drilling conditions our flood control solutions have been deployed across a wide array of companies in a wide array of scenarios.  We deploy quickly and on budget to keep your property protected and water controlled.


Read more on the technical specs of the Aqua Dam flood control system here or contact us directly to discuss your needs and how we can provide an economical solution that works.

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"We were offered Geogrids made overseas from a small distributor, but we declined as their testing were suspect and they had no reputation in the market. We will only work with reputable suppliers like Layfield as their Geogrids perform as per recognized specifications." Kenny, Engineering & Scientific Consultant,

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