South Central USA - Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico & Louisiana

Layfield Environmental Containment is a leading North American vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of high performance geomembranes, floating cover systems, and specialty geosynthetics used for environmental containment applications. Layfield has designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of geomembranes since 1978.

We supply geomembranes to oil fields, construction sites, mining & agriculture sites, energy sites, and municipal water sites across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico and all of North America.  We provide fast shipping from our warehouse in Odessa, Texas and our fabrication facility in San Diego.   

Our main products and applications include:

·         Floating CoversEvaporation Control, Biogas CollectionMunicipal Water Protection

·         Geomembranes Brine Ponds, Frac Tank Liners, Frac Pits, Potable Water,Secondary Containment

·         Specialty Products—Aqua Dams, Baffle Curtains, Geotube® Sludge Dewatering System

·         ServicesGeosynthetics Construction/Installation, Leak Detection, Maintenance Services

We can recommend you the best geomembrane material for your environmental containment application from pit liners for oil fields in Texas to floating covers for your  local municipal water protection needs in townships across New Mexico. 

EL6030HD Evaporation Control Cover - West Texas Project Profile

 Evaporation Control                                                         Frac Tank Liner                                                               Floating Cover

How Can Layfield Improve Your Environmental Containment Strategy?

With more than 35 years of experience in developing environmental containment solutions, our geomembranes have been installed in energy, municipal water, construction, industrial, mining and agricultural markets across North America. 

What makes Layfield Environmental Containment unique?

We can help you save money - Our geomembranes are prefabricated (pre-welded in our fabrication plants, rolled, and shipped into big panels). This reduces field welding, installation time and costs. Our Evaporation Floating Covers save money by eliminating evaporation.  Our geomembranes are fabricated with high performance materials that are thinner, more durable, and more economical than other alternatives and can easily be shipped to any installation site.

· Vertical integration - We provide single source accountability through our combined abilities to manufacture, fabricate, install and service. 

· Geosynthetics construction/installation expertise - We are a skilled contractor with specific skills and equipment to install geomembranes and floating covers in all applications.

· Floating Cover Expertise - We are a world leader in floating cover technology.

· Fortified Geomembrane Technology – Our fortified geomembranes are heavily treated with advanced stabilizers providing enhanced heat, UV stability, and chemical resistance.

· Fabrication Capabilities – We have three modern fabrication facilities in North America and have the capacity to produce some of the largest prefabricated panels in the industry.


Contact Mike Da Silva 1.619.631.1283 our US Sales Manager today for our custom environmental containment solutions for the Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana regions.