WeatherPRO WES

The WeatherPRO Enclosure system is a reusable, track-based, enclosure system for construction and weather protection.

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Enclosure Systems for construction projects – TES / WES / Shrink film


    • Track mounted tarpaulin system
    • Reusable tarps and tracks
    • Both aluminum and plastic tracks available
    • Standard and custom tarps available to use with tracks
    • Canadian Patent 2359515


    • Scaffold mounted tarps
    • Building enclosures for weather protection
    • Painting, stucco, masonry
    • Easily attached to wood frames
    WeatherPRO WES Specifications

Product Description

The WeatherPRO Enclosure System (WES) uses a unique track system that is designed to attach to most types of scaffold frames, or can be attached directly to a structure. The WES tracks are made from either a high strength light-weight aluminum, or a tough, flexible plastic. The plastic tracks can be bent to a 1 m (3 ft) radius to go around corners and to enclose the top of scaffold sections. The tracks are easily mounted to scaffold frames and tubes using snap-ties or wire-ties. The track can also be attached to wood frames with nails or screws to make an effective hoarding panel with a replaceable tarp section. WES would normally be used in general construction for hoarding and heating of a building project. WES is ideal for masonry work, painting, and stucco. WES can attach to most scaffold frames including tube and clamp, system scaffold, patent scaffold, and many other frames and structures.

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