Packaging Equipment

Layfield Flexible Packaging partners with leading packaging equipment manufacturers. Layfield has developed a program that helps companies acquire new packaging equipment at a competitive price with leasing options. By working closely with packaging equipment manufacturers, we can provide our customers with an easy and hassle-free way to upgrade or acquire packaging equipment that best meets their current and future needs.

Key Features:

  • Equipment for Different Applications - Layfield canprovide equipment for many different applications.
  • No Additional Costs - Layfield does not mark-up the cost of the equipment it offers to their customers.

Types of Equipment:

  • Food Packaging
    • Vertical Form Fill Seal Equipment V/F/F/S
    • Horizontal Form Fill Seal Equipment H/F/F/S
    • Lidding and Thermo Forming Equipment
    • Pouch filling machines
    • Spout pouch filling machines
  • Industrial Packaging
    • Stretch Hood Machines
    • Shrink Hood Machines
    • Filling Machines F/F/S
  • Medical Equipment
    • Flow wrap machines
    • Gas flush capable
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