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Are you tired of all that conflicting information about packaging formats, materials, features, and are looking for some reliable, easy-to-understand information that could help you chose the right product?

With the launch of our new Layfield Learning Center, we are sharing our 35-years-worth of expertise, and we endeavor to increase your knowledge by providing critical information in simple and engaging formats.

Our team of experts designed this exciting series to end your frustration by giving you all the knowledge you need to navigate the complex flexible-packaging market. Be confident, and shop smart!

Join us in learning now about Bag Styles (choosing the right bag format) and the Environment (how the flexible packaging industry relates to and affects the environment). Next we're launching videos on Printing Technology (choosing the right printer), and film structures (choosing the right film).

Join us today and take part in a 35-year tradition of success! Sign up to receive email updates on new videos and resources on the flexible packaging industry!

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