ClearFlow™ Treated Geo-Jutes

Treated Geo-Jutes are natural jutes that are 100% bio-degradable.


    • Fully biodegradable within 2-3 years.
    • Can absorb up to five times its own weight in water.
    • Holds soil and seeds in place.
    • Can be used in all climate and soil conditions.


    • Used as an inhibitor for erosion on steep slopes.
    • Functions as a filter, which prevents finer particles from entering the stream and collecting particles already in the stream.
    • Used in combination with Soil Lynx for superior revegetation capabilities.
    ClearFlow™ Treated Geo-Jutes Specifications

ClearFlow ™ Treated Geo-Jutes

ClearFlow ™ Treated Geo-Jutes are erosion control blankets that are made up of a loose weave of geo-jute. This product is made with completely natural and environmentally safe materials, which makes it fully biodegradable within 2-3 years of initial application. These Geo-Jutes are frequently combined with ClearFlow ™ Soil Lynx for superior surface erosion control. The weave of the blankets provide a superior medium for plants to establish and grow.

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