Propex ArmorMax

The Propex ArmorMax is a solution to lock soil in place.


    • This is a solution which provides erosion protection for up to 75 years.
    • It outlasts any other slope reinforcement method.
    • It promotes sustainable aquatic habitats.
    • Can be used in applications with little or no vegetation.
    • Easy to install, which reduces time and labor costs.


    • Flood protection.
    • Restoration of shorelines.
    • Golf courses.
    Propex ArmorMax Specifications


The Propex ArmorMax is an Engineered Earth Armoring Solution. It's designed to lock soil in place and protect against any and all hydraulic stresses. The system is made up of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRM) and Engineered Earth Achors™.

The ArmorMax is a system that provides dynamic erosion control and slope stabilization solutions. It offer resistance to shallow plane slope instability and can provide temporary shoring and stabilization for constructed slopes.

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