ClearFlow ™ Water Lynx Blocks

Water Lynx Blocks heavily reduce the amount of heavy metals and other nutrients in runoff water.


    • Straightforward solution that can be easily integrated with existing operations.
    • Reduces operational costs to clean a cubic meter of sediment laden water.
    • Reduces costs for disposal of end water.


    • In natural creeks and man made ditches to remove suspended and dissolved materials / metals.
    • In constructed baffle grids, with rock checks, rock baffles, sandbags or standard construction materials.
    • In ponds when used together with appropriate mixing devices such as aeration or fountain equipment.
    • Used in combination with a geo-jute for sediment collection.
    ClearFlow ™ Water Lynx Blocks Specifications

ClearFlow ™ Water Lynx

ClearFlow ™ Water Lynx blocks provide a convenient method to introduce environmentally safe treatment into continuous or intermittent concentrated flows such as ditches, inlets, storm drain systems and pump discharges. Water Lynx blocks by Clearflow are a very convenient way of applying environmentally-friendly treatment into continuous or intermittent concentrated flows such as ditches, inlets, storm drain systems and pump discharges. The blocks are semi-soft and wrapped in a plastic netting, enclosed by a vacuum bag. They have different colors which indicate their composition. One Water Lynx block will typically treat about 20,000 m3 of sediment laden water. Typical design configurations are calculated using 1 Water Lynx Block for every 50 to 100 gpm of flow.

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