Permeable Floating Covers

Permeable floating covers help to reduce odours in manure containments.


    • Utilizes a special UV stable fabric
    • Lightweight and easily handled
    • Reduce odours by reducing the liquid contact area
    • Rainwater seeps into the pond and gases can escape


    • Reduce odours in manure containments
    • Does not completely eliminate odours
    • This cover material is not stock; special order only
    Permeable Floating Covers Specifications

Product Description

A permeable floating cover can help achieve two goals in the storage of liquid manure; reduction of odours, and reduction of liquid. In certain areas, the climate is such that there is significant evaporation from a manure pond. In these areas, the typical practice has been to allow evaporation to reduce the volume of liquid in manure containments. This reduces the amount of manure that has to be handled. Unfortunately, leaving the pond open for evaporation also promotes the production of odours. Layfield provides a permeable floating cover material that covers the surface of the pond to reduce odours, while allowing some evaporation to take place. Permeable covers are made from UV-stable geotextile materials that do not absorb water. These odour control permeable covers are prefabricated into one large piece so that they can be pulled on and off the lagoon for maintenance and pump-out.

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