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REVOC Insulated Covers

REVOC Insulated Covers are a special type that insulate the top of a pond or tank helping to maintain water temperature.


    • Best way to add insulation to a pond
    • Uses individual insulated sections joined togther
    • Typical insulation values of R4 to R20
    • Optional removable sections for maintenance
    • Optional walkway panels for access


    • Retain heat in process ponds
    • Maintain temperatures for biological processes
    • Optimize methane generation in biogas ponds
    • Prevent solids precipitation due to thermal shock
    • Maintain solution concentration
    REVOC Insulated Covers Specifications

Product Description

The REVOC Insulated Cover system design retains heat in water and wastewater ponds when the ambient temperature is different from the lagoon temperature. A REVOC Insulated Cover system is an economical way to add insulation to open ponds or tanks retaining heat which can assist the biological degradation of waste materials. Common applications include modular cover systems for waste water, lagoons and tank systems. Insulated covers can also be used for shielding waste water and effluent lagoons from sunlight and preventing algae blooms. Insulated Covers also reduce odors by reducing evaporation of volatile compounds from the lagoon. REVOC Insulated Cover systems can be designed to provide insulation values from R8 to R20. REVOC Insulated Cover Systems are normally used on ponds with a constant, or near constant operating level. REVOC Insulated Cover Systems can incorporate removable sections for maintenance and walkways and access panels can be included in the design.

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