Floating Solar Products

Insulated Floating Cover Solar
Introducing Floating Solar, a unique, new large-scale solar technology that Layfield can design and install on existing ponds, eliminating the need to use premium land space. As the experts in pond lining and floating cover design, it made sense for us to look into floating solar. We now have three floating solar designs available.

Layfield’s three types of floating solar are; Tensioned Floating Cover SolarInsulated Floating Cover Solar, and Open Water Floating Solar. Layfield provides full floating solar project development services including the solar and floating cover designs, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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Floating solar not only has the immediate benefit of generating clean power, but the solar islands also help in the operation of the ponds. The area under the solar island is screened from sunlight, cooling the water and helping to reduce algae and duckweed buildup while at the same time reducing evaporation and odors. These features make floating solar a great option for irrigation ponds, reclaimed water storage ponds, and wastewater treatment ponds.

Floating solar takes advantage of the flat open area of a pond surface to provide a clear and unobstructed solar installation. Floating solar is especially effective in areas where land for ground-mount solar is either prohibitively expensive or unavailable. Floating solar is also an effective way to add solar near electrical demand as ponds are often located next to municipal and industrial sites.