Open Water Floating Solar

Floating Solar array, for install on new or existing ponds.


    • Helps to reduce evaporation and odors
    • Helps to reduce algae and duckweed buildup
    • Reduces erosion of reservoir banks by minimizing waves


    • Generation of clean energy
    • Open Pond/Reservoir Surfaces
    Open Water Floating Solar Specifications

Product Description

Layfield’s Open Water Floating Solar lets you install a solar array on most man-made bodies of water. A series of special floats support solar modules on an island that is anchored on the water surface. Power for the floating solar array is brought to shore using a floating conduit and converted to AC power with an inverter on the shoreline. Floats and solar modules are assembled on the shore and floated out onto the surface of the water. The floating solar island has walkways between the solar modules for maintenance. Open Water Floating Solar can be more efficient than ground-mount systems as the water moderates the temperature of the solar modules. Also, Layfield offers an optional evaporation control kit that reduces water loss.  Layfield’s Open Water Solar System can be installed in new or existing ponds and can be deployed into a full pond. 


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