Tensioned Floating Cover Solar

The addition of Solar Generation to our industry-leading REVOC® Floating Cover Systems.


    • Eliminates evaporation and reduces odors
    • Eliminates algae and duckweed buildup
    • Adapts to fluctuation in water levels


    • Potable water reservoirs
    • Projects requiring fully-sealed floating covers
    Tensioned Floating Cover Solar Specifications

Product Description

Layfield’s Tensioned Floating Cover Solar will allow you to add solar generation to our industry-leading REVOC® floating cover systems. Using a specially designed float and mounting frame, solar modules can be added to the center plate of a new tensioned floating cover. The tension in the cover will hold the solar array in alignment and will allow the cover to adapt to all water levels. Layfield’s Tensioned Floating Cover Solar will let you put solar on potable water reservoirs and other applications that require fully-sealed floating covers. Tensioned Floating Solar Covers are installed in a clean, dry pond as part of new construction when the floating cover is installed.


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