Enviro Liner® 7000 - Geomembrane

Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD is a coextruded flexible membrane liner for extended chemical containment and floating cover use.


    • Coextruded flexible membrane liner
    • Maintains the flexibility of Enviro Liner®
    • Fortified formulation with advanced stabilizers
    • Can be prefabricated (< 50 mil)


    Enviro Liner® 7000 - Geomembrane Specifications

Product Description  

Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD provides a high level of chemical-resistance that extends to all of Layfield prefabricated Enviro Liners®. The Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD is a coextruded structure that uses the EL 6000 formulation in the core and then adds two surface skins of fortified HDPE. This results in a flexible membrane liner material that has additional resistance to strong chemicals while retaining the flexibility that allows it to be prefabricated. By using fortified geomembrane technology in both the skins and the core of the material, it results in the best UV stability and longevity available. Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD will allow us to prefabricate chemical containment liners, whereas previously only field-installed HDPE would have had suitable chemical resistance. Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD can also function as an excellent floating cover material. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to water level changes in ponds.

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