Enviro Liner 4000 Textured

Textured Enviro Liner® 4000 products have superior friction properties to hold backfill on steep slopes.


    • Textured LLDPE material for flexible geomembrane applications
    • Can be prefabricated into large panels in our shop
    • Good resistance to settlement


    • Originally designed as a flexible cap material for landfills
    • Backfilled water ponds, run-off collection ponds, channels, etc.
    • A good lining material for steeper backfilled slopes
    Enviro Liner 4000 Textured Specifications

Product Description

Layfield offers Enviro Liner® 4000 series geomembranes with surface texturing on one or on both sides. Texturing is accomplished by injecting nitrogen gas into the polymer of the surface layers of the geomembrane. When the geomembrane comes out of the die the nitrogen erupts from the surface creating a texture. By controlling the amount of nitrogen in the polymer and the thickness of the surface layers we can control the roughness of the texturing. Layfield is capable of supplying the friction and strength properties you require for any design challenges you may encounter. Layfield's Enviro Liner® 4000 is our standard LLDPE formulation which is ideally suited to backfilled applications. The flexibility of Enviro Liner® 4000 series products allow us to prefabricate large panels from materials up to 40 mil (1.0 mm) thick for fast and efficient installation.

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