GM3000♻ - Geomembrane

GM3000♻ is an economical grade made with a blend of prime and reprocessed resins.


    • Economical geomembrane for non-hazardous applications
    • Blended from virgin and reprocessed geomembrane resins
    • Good choice of material for stormwater runoff and retention


    • Stormwater ponds and bioswales
    • Temporary water containment
    • Small, exposed, temporary-use ponds or tanks
    • Economical water containment pond liner
    • Variety of liner applications in agriculture
    GM3000♻ - Geomembrane Specifications

Product Description

GM3000♻ geomembranes are economical lining materials made from blended/reprocessed resins selected for optimum performance at the lowest cost. GM3000♻ products are intended for use in geomembrane applications such as oil and gas reserve pits, temporary containment of frac water, seepage control, water containment and short-term protective covers. Prefabricated liners are also ideal for installation by contractors, owners, or agricultural operators. The GM3000♻ series is the most economical member of Layfield's Enviro Liner® group of products. The GM3000♻ series is an excellent choice for the temporary storage of contaminated soils, such as remediation projects. GM3000♻ series geomembranes are not intended for prolonged exposed use. If you require service with prolonged exposure to natural weathering, we suggest you consider the Enviro Liner® 6000x series.

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