VaporFlex® Plus

VaporFlex® Plus has been designed to perform as a highly effective vapor barrier product to impede the infiltration of moisture and water through concrete slabs and foundation.


    • Vapor and Fluid Management
    • Odor Management
    • Easy to Install


    • Remediation of Brownfields
    • Underbuilding Liner
    • Landfill Leachate Collection
    • Secondary Containment
    VaporFlex® Plus Specifications

Product Description

Keeping harmful vapors out of a building is a unique application for geomembranes. Layfield can help you design a vapor management system and show you how a combination of geomembrane barriers and vents can keep vapors out of your building. We regularly install under-building liners for methane and contaminated soil sites and have materials available to prevent infiltration of moisture, methane, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants.

Integrating a geomembrane underneath (or on the walls) of a building is a very complex task. The best geomembrane solution is a material that is flexible and that can adapt to the details of a building foundation. Our HAZGARD 100 is ideally suited to under-building liners and is methane and hydrocarbon resistant. Drainage media are also important aspects of building liners and we have a number of prefabricated drainage (vent) materials available to address this requirement.

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