Layfield's HAZGARD® brand of geomembranes is specially designed to meet your requirements in secondary containment applications.


    • Fuel resistant, flexible geomembranes
    • Resistant to a range of chemicals
    • Can be prefabricated to single piece liners
    • Easily installed in many applications


    • Secondary containment liners
    • High temp secondary containments
    • Hydrocarbon vapor barriers
    • Underground curtains to isolate contamination
    HAZGARD Specifications

Product Description

Since 1989 Layfield has been effectively using HAZGARD® 100 & 250 for many secondary containment applications. Both the unsupported HAZGARD® 100 and the supported HAZGARD® 250 shares the same PVC alloy polymeric coating. HAZGARD® 100 is highly flexible and easily solvent weldable making it ideal for contractor installs in applications such as under building vapour barriers, soil remediation pads and cut-off curtains. HAZGARD® 250 is also highly flexible and solvent weldable and can be left exposed to the elements. HAZGARD® 5000 HT is Layfield's strongest supported geomembrane. It is formulated to withstand continuous temperatures up to 90° C (194° F) and to contain hydrocarbons at elevated temperatures in the event of a spill. For more information on High-Temperature resistant liners, see the section on Layfield High Temp liners. HAZGARD® 1000 is an excellent secondary containment liner for strong solvents such as benzene, toluene and xylene. HAZGARD® 635FR is Layfield's manufactured secondary containment material.

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