Geosynthetic Fabrication


Geomembrane Prefabrication: Factory Welding

Layfield is one of the most experienced factory fabricators in the industry.  Factory fabrication, also known as prefabrication, refers to the process of welding geomembrane roll stock or sewing geotextile rolls together into large panels in a controlled factory environment. These large, prefabricated panels are then folded and transported to the project site. Prefabrication significantly reduces or eliminates weld seaming, speeding up installation and reducing costs. Since all welding and seaming is done in a controlled environment, there is no worry about extreme temperatures, moisture, or dust interfering with the production of a qualified seam. Layfield offers the broadest and most complete range of prefabricated geomembranes in the market.

The GeoFab5X Robotic Welding and Sewing Production Line

The GeoFab5X is the world’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced combined geotextile sewing and geomembrane welding fabrication machine. With GeoFab5X, we can weld and sew up to five master rolls wide, and it is possible to fabricate massive geomembrane or geotextile panels up to 85’ (26m) wide and cover an area of 48,440 ft2 (4,500 m2) with a single prefabricated panel.

The GeoFab5X utilizes the most advanced seam integrity technology in the industry; infrared thermal imaging is used on the geomembrane welds and skip thread detection software is used on geotextile seams. This technology provides unparalleled QA/QC.

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Layfield’s fabrication facilities are located in San Diego (California), Edmonton (Canada), and Toronto (Canada).  Layfield offers the broadest and most complete range of prefabricated geomembranes in the market. 

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