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The Geoweb® Load Support System

The Geoweb® system is a cellular confinement system used for soil stabilization, ground stabilization and to create load support for roadways and drilling pads on soft soils.


    • The Geoweb® system creates a flexible pavement from low quality fill materials
    • Adds stiffness and structure to load reinforcements
    • Dramatically reduces the amount of fill needed in some road types
    • Geocells have textured sides for stability and holes for lateral drainage


    • Roads, soil stabilization and lease pads for oilfield drilling access
    • Trench invert stabilization for sewers or pipelines
    • Spread footings for buildings or segmented block retaining walls
    • Strengthened porous pavements for roads or parking lots
    The Geoweb® Load Support System Specifications

Product Description

The Geoweb® Load Support Geocell System is a three dimensional cellular confinement system used to confine fill materials to create roadway and pavement systems with minimal granular quantity requirements. The Geoweb® systems are particularly effective in creating load bearing structures over soft or unstable subgrades. Geoweb® systems consists of polyethylene strips welded together to create a cellular confinement structure with various cell dimensions and depths.  The Geoweb® systems may utilize lower cost granular material like sand and pitrun gravel for the infill and through confinement dramatically increases these material's ability to carry loads. The Geoweb® systems include the latest improvements to cellular confinement technology including textured surfaces for increased friction, perforations for lateral drainage and ATRA® Keys for panel-to-panel connection.

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