Mirafi H2Ri Woven Geosynthetic

H2Ri combines strength with moisture management capabilities for subgrade stabilization of roadways.


    • Wicks water in the plane of the fabric
    • High tensile modulus with excellent soil interaction
    • Consistent filtration and opening size characteristics
    • Unique blue colour fibres for clear identification


    • For reinforcement in locations with water drainage problems
    • Reducing frost heave and frost boils in paved and gravel roads
    • Sludge pond caps and reinforcement
    • MSE wall reinforcement
    Mirafi H2Ri Woven Geosynthetic Specifications

Product Description

Soil Stabilization and Base Course Reinforcement through Continuous Moisture Management. H2Ri is a revolutionary woven geotextile with unique hydrophilic and hygroscopic yarns that provide enhanced drainage through the plane of the geosynthetic. H2Ri integrates the conventional functions of separation, filtration, confinement and reinforcement with the benefit of continuous moisture management of the aggregate materials via the special yarns woven into the double layer construction of the geosynthetic.  Applications include roadway subgrade stabilization, base course reinforcement, runway and railway construction, frost heave/frost boils, embankment stabilization on soft soils, mitigation of lateral edge cracking of pavements in expansive clays. Improve roadway life expectancy of flexible pavements via mechanical and hydraulic stabilization.  H2Ri draws water through the plane of the Geosynthetic via capillary action in unsaturated conditions.  H2Ri improves the modulus of the base course via improved moisture management.  

H2Ri has been tested to show moisture removal of up to 17.39 litres/day/meter(1.4gal/day/ft) of exposed edge. 

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