Lock+Load™ Structural Earth Wall Facing

Lock+Load™ Wall Facing is the best solution for structural earth walls of any height.


    • Completely modular wall face system
    • Designed to work together with industry standard soil reinforcement techniques
    • Available with many face designs
    • Unique self-anchoring design
    • Ensures maximum soil, geogrid, and facing interaction


    • Retaining walls and barriers
    • Drainage head walls
    • Fencing and roadworks
    • Residential
    Lock+Load™ Structural Earth Wall Facing Specifications

Product Description

Great looks and enormous flexibility are key features of the Lock+Load™ Wall Face system. With a variety of wall face designs and the ability to use it in conjunction with a large number of mechanical reinforcement solutions, it is suitable for any project that uses structural earth walls. Lock+Load™ can be used in conjunction with geogrids and allows for consolidation with the reinforced soil mass without creating any stress.

Since Lock+Load™ is a completely modular self-anchoring system and the modules are not stacked on top of eachother, there's no stress between the modules. Working together flawlessly with MSE systems, this makes Lock+Load™ harder to install wrong than right.

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