20th Ave West Berm

LOCATION:  20th Ave from 39th – 50th Street, Red Deer, AB TIMEFRAME: April – October 2016 SCOPE OF WORK:  Construction of  sound attenuation berm and pathway PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of Red Deer Engineer: WSP (Project Engineer), ParklandGEO (FlexMSE Wall Design) Installation: Appollo Landscaping Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Background Information and Challenge

The City of Red Deer, in preparing to extend 20th Avenue, needed to reconstruct several km of 1-(4).jpgpathways and privacy/sound attenuation berms, ranging from 0.5m and 1.8m in height.  Looking for a greener option to traditional MSE walls, decided on a combination of earth berms, and FlexMSE. 

The site contained less than ideal soils and subgrade, and poor weather in May and June hindered construction, as well as the landscape contractor had limited experience with MSE wall building of any type.


The decision to use the FlexMSE system allowed for a greener option than traditional MSE systems, and the ease of installation for the contractor helped keep the project on schedule and on budget through many days of hit and miss weather. 


Layfield was able to provide 12793 filled FlexMSE bags and 7700m2 of MiraGrid 2XT for the project, to complete nearly 1km of berm.  Project was completed and hydroseeded on schedule, and opened the potential for several more sections of wall/pathway to be completed over the next 4 years.