Atlantis Storm Water Detention - Shell Gas Station

LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC TIMEFRAME: April 2010 

SCOPE OF WORK: Supply Atlantis Stormwater Detention System, installation supervision 

PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Shell Canada Products Client: Corix Water Products Engineer: Hub Engineering Installation: King Hoe Excavating Supplier and Installation Supervision: Layfield


Storm water detention and management is becoming a routine component in land development projects, particularly along riparian corridors where rain runoff surge and silt are degrading water quality and the ecology. The site surface water speed and volume in a Shell Gas station in Abbotsford, BC could be reduced by detaining the rain surge water in an Atlantis Storm Water Detention System, and then releasing it slowly over a period of hours or days to meet acceptable natural and historic run off rates.

The Atlantis Storm Water Management System allows for high volume storage of runoff in a small footprint area. This Best Management Practice (BMP) was specified by Hub Engineering for the Shell Gas Station project due to insufficient space on the site to infiltrate the run off or build a surface facility such as a retention basin. The Atlantis System has 95% free space compared to 20% for an aggregate trench, thus allowing for greater water storage. Installing the Atlantis Storm Water Detention Tank enabled the land of the Shell Gas Station to be used for parking, landscaping, and green space. The storm water detention system had to contain a water storage volume of at least 383 m3 (13,526 ft3).

One challenge presented by the Shell Gas Station project was the work site location .The project site was incredibly active, next to a busy highway where there was constant, ongoing construction of the Shell Gas Station. The Atlantis Rain Tank modules were therefore assembled at King Hoe Excavating’s yard which was half a mile from the jobsite and trucked into the work site preassembled. Each module took about nine minutes to assemble.


Layfield supplied the Atlantis Rain Tank module plates for 1,102 triple modules, Nonwoven Geotextile, PVC Geomembrane, and Biaxial Geogrid for the Storm Water Detention Tank. Layfield also provided technical product training to Corix Water Products and two days of installation supervision services on site during the installation by King Hoe Excavating. The Nonwoven Geotextile was wrapped around the entire tank to keep the fill material out of the tank. The PVC Geomembrane was placed beneath and up the sides of the tank to detain all water entering the system until it is released. The Biaxial Geogrid was placed above the tank for ground reinforcement as the tank was installed beneath a parking lot.  


The installation went according to plan. Both Corix Water Products and King Hoe Excavating Ltd. were satisfied with the Atlantis Storm Water Detention System and the installation direction provided by the Layfield Service Group. The main benefit of the Atlantis Storm Water Detention System is that it achieves better storage capacity than other typical methods within a smaller footprint while allowing for the space above the tank to be used for parking and landscaping.

The Atlantis Storm Water Detention Tank system installed at the Shell Gas Station in Abbotsford, BC is working per the original water storage requirements set out by Hub Engineering Inc.

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