Enviro Liner 7060 Floating Cover - Ohio Paperboard

Location: Baltimore, Ohio  Timeframe: 2014  Scope of Work: Design and build a biogas collection floating cover system utilizing Enviro Liner 7060 material.  Project Owner: High Profile Project in Ohio

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Background Information and Challenges

A high profile client in Ohio was directed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cover their existing lagoon digesters to control odor and biogas emissions from entering the atmosphere. Layfield Environmental Containment was selected by the owner to provide turn-key design/build services for a biogas collection floating cover system. The site was full of challenging conditions such as limited access and laydown staging area, uneven grade elevations around the digester, and many existing utilities that could not be interrupted during construction.


To fabricate the biogas collection cover Layfield recommended the Enviro Liner® 7060 (EL 7060) geomembrane in a 60 mil (1.5mm) thickness because of its flexibility and superior barrier properties including very low permeability to methane. Flexibility was very important since the cover needed to adapt to water level changes in ponds. EL 7060 is manufactured with two heavily fortified HDPE skin layers on a flexible core. All layers are manufactured with special prime grade resins and advbanced antioxidant package.  Other advantages of the EL7060 geomembrane include the materials excellent endurance and mechanical properties including HPOIT (High Pressure Oxidative Induction Time) and tensile strength.   

The cover is be designed to operate under slight pressure and is equipped with emergency relief valves that will trigger when the cover exceeds designed lift beneath the floating cover system.


The cover was fabricated outside the digester and pulled into place while the existing digesters were full and fully functional. Recently, the client witnessed wind speeds of over 65 MPH and the floating biogas cover functioned extremelly well. Our client is very satisfied with the end product.