Flex MSE - British Properties

LOCATION: West-Vancouver, BC, Canada  TIMEFRAME: May 2015 - September 2015
SCOPE OF WORK: Installation of a Vegetated Retaining Wall, along a 200m stretch of driveway.
PROJECT PARTNERS:  Owner: British Pacific Properties Inc. Engineer: Geopacific Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada, Trexiana Distribution (Flex MSE), TenCate Geosynthetics (Miragrid 3XT)


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Background Information and Challenges

British Pacific Properties Inc. is a residential developer that specializes in creating luxury homes for clients in West Vancouver. This particular development is being built on the side of Cypress Mountain, which overlooks downtown Vancouver. Site access was limited, and the excavated slopes required stabilization, and also posed long term erosion issues. The developer needed a solution that could meet each one of their requirements, all while blending into the natural landscape.


Based on their experience with several successful installations around the Lower Mainland, Geopacific Engineering specified Flex MSE as their recommendation to meet the needs of the owner. The contractor selected pre-filled Flex MSE units, and the product was palletized and shipped to site on a flatbed truck. Once offloaded, the limited access was not a problem, and the Flex MSE pallets were easily moved to the installation area with a mini excavator. Miragrid 3XT was also used for additional reinforcement where needed, but due to excavation limitations for geogrid embedment in certain areas of the slope, the Flex MSE ‘tie-back’ method was also used where geogrid could not be installed.




Flex MSE was able to provide the required slope stabilization, and achieved successful vegetation within 1 growth season, all while blending into the natural landscape. As the development of the area continues, Flex MSE will play a big part of the next phase of construction, which is expected to begin in the summer of 2016.