Flex MSE - Epcor Reservoir

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB, Canada TIMEFRAME: Sept 2014 – June 2015  SCOPE OF WORK: Vegetated MSE Wall (450 m2 / 5,900 units )  PROJECT PARTNERS:  Owner: EPCOR Utilities Engineer: ISL Engineering  Contractor: Wilco Contractors Northwest Inc.  Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada

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Background Information and Challenges

The Epcor Utilities - Papaschase Reservoir, is a site that houses two large water storage reservoirs. The site was constructed in the 1960’s and sits adjacent to where the new south extension of the LRT line will be running. As a result, Epcor had to relocate the entrance to the site. That new entrance posed a challenge, as there was an existing slope blocking the area, meaning it had to be scaled back , to accomodate the new entrance and roadway and be supported by an MSE wall. Conrete block was being considered in the original design.


A joint call with Trexiana (June 2014) that began as a presentation about the FlexMSE system, quickly led to it being specified in the project as the benefits of saving up to 60% in construction costs vs concrete, plus the natural aesthetic, made it an appealing choice. Also, since the project was to be tendered by the end of August 2015, with award & completion slated by the end of the 2014 construction season (November), the added benefit of installing FlexMSE in 2/3rds the time of concrete, was yet another benefit.




Once the contractor was able to cut back the slope and get the construction of the wall started , by establishing the first row base course, construction went smoothly and quickly. The total 5,900 filled FlexMSE units came delivered to site in 5 staggered Super - B Train loads, allowing for an efficient flowing work site. The contractor found the system to be very easy to work with, considering it was a first installation of this scale with FlexMSE.

Hydroseeding of the wall took place in the Spring of 2015, with the wall having a large degree of vegetation coverage by July 2015. Overall, the project was a success and ISL, the adjacent tenant, is now overlooking a vegetated slope, instead of what might have been a wall of concrete