Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Building Envelope Upgrade

LOCATION:  Fort McMurray, AB
TIMEFRAME: Phase 1 – East Side Tower Restoration June 2016 – September 2017  Phase 2 – West Side Tower Restoration October 2017 – August 2018
SCOPE OF WORK: Shrink wrap 60,000 square feet (phase 1) of scaffold for containment for the replacement of the existing East & West Side Hospital exterior façade with phase 2 to starting in October 2017.
PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner:  (lberta Health and Delnor Construction,  Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada Ltd, Bigshow Scaffolding and Shrinkwrap

Background Information and Challenge

Layfield has been working with Bigshow in the development of industrial heat shrink film "Weather Pro Plus" for the scaffolding industry since July of 2016. With trials ran and tested in the field the results were very positive. This had provided Bigshow confidence in our product, and they were ready to use the film on a larger scale such as the 1st phase of the Fort McMurray Hospital.


Solution & Results

On August 31st 2016 Layfield produced 84 rolls of 20’ x 100’ 12 mil white heat shrink film with 40 rolls of this material being used for phase 1. During the start of the project there were no issues and the feedback remained very positive. Unfortunately as the temperatures got colder minus (20 Degrees Celsius and below) there were some issues with the material not adhering to itself and it seemed to be shrinking too fast from the feedback received.

On December 8th 2017 temperatures reached minus 31 Degrees Celsius, this combined with strong winds the film failed causing it to shatter. These failures continued to occur until early February until temperatures started to warm up in the Province.

After extensive testing by Nova and Exxon we believe the failure was caused as the result of a resin blend changed that was made to the film in order to reduce costs.

Based on new blend recommendations from our two resin suppliers, we have run new trails and they are currently being tested in the field and in the lab now. In order to regain the confidence of our material to our customer Bigshow as well ensure we have a viable quality product offering. We must be able to prove that this new blend will be able to perform in extreme cold weather conditions.