Waldorf School Teefy Project

LOCATION:  Vaughan, Ontario - Teefy Avenue & Bathurst TIMEFRAME: September 2015 SCOPE OF WORK: The scope of work included supply of Flex MSE system. PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Waldorf School Engineer: Alston and Associates Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Background Information and ChallengeWaldorf-1.jpg

A culvert located under a road into the Waldorf School, required a particular pleasing aesthetic appearance. This was due to the location being a very picturesque area. The client resisted the use of concrete wall as the aesthetic appeal of the wall becomes extremely ordinary.

For this application Flex MSE vegetated wall provided perfect alternate to the typical concrete retaining wall. Furthermore, the vegetated wall provided additional environmental benefits as it is cooler and holds more storm water. The vegetated retaining wall was an easy to install and required minimal additional work compared to a concrete wall.


Layfield sales representatives worked closely with the contracting team and supplied 520 Flex MSE Bags filled with 65% sand and 35% organic material complete with the 520 connection plates. For additional support to the retaining wall, the 3XT Mirafi uniaxial grid was used for retaining wall embedment. Additionally, LPC2 Coconut Erosion Control Blankets were used around the site. The contractor had no issues with installing, the Flex MSE sand bags as they were easy to install.


The result of this design, was aesthetically appealing vegetated wall provided perfect solution for a retaining wall. The site is now being used on regular basis, and design is performing as planned.