Catch Basin Sediment Traps

Prevent silts from clogging catch basins and storm drains


    • Offers an economical and environmentally-friendly solution to clean water of silt and sediment.
    • Easy to install
    • High strength lifting straps
    • Can be customized to fit most types of catch basins
    • Easy removal and disposal
    • Reusable


    • Sediment detention zones; storm water detention pond
    • Emergency overflow for retention or detention systems
    • As a final treatment prior to discharge
    • Parking lots, construction sites, gas stations and industrial sites
    Catch Basin Sediment Traps Specifications

Product Description

Catch Basin Sediment Trap (CBST) is an economical and effective sediment control product used to restrict sediment and silt from entering drainage system while allowing water to pass through. Catch basin sediment traps help prevent silts from clogging catch basins and storm drains. CBST traps silt and particulate matter from runoff water preventing the fouling of the storm-water system and protecting downstream aquatic environments. It provides an environmentally friendly alternative to costly clean-up work caused by siltation of the storm water system.

Catch basin sediment trap (CBST) consists of two major parts – sediment trap and catch basin. A sediment control device is installed on top of the catch basin to collect the silt and sediments, while allowing water to pass through freely. Sediment trap or the filter area is made from 8oz nonwoven geotextile. The standard design includes a cylindrical filter area which extends into the catch basin, and a flat apron portion. The apron sits between the grate and the catch basin edge and is supported by a wire frame which adjusts to fit most standard catch basins. Layfield's CBST design includes a high strength lifting strap, and relief overflow slots at the top of the cylindrical filter section. The relief slots allow water to escape into the catch basin if the CBST has been filled with silt.

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