Clearflow Storm Lynx

The Clearflow Storm Lynx Mat is an effective way to protect storm sewer systems from sediment.


    • VHighly effective method of preventing sediment and debris in storm sewers.
    • Inexpensive product that is quick and easy to install.
    • Low profile but high visibility: it’s not a safety hazard for pedestrians.
    • Very easy to maintain.
    • Forms to any curb type.
    • Environmentally-friendly solution that clarifies water.

Clearflow Storm Lynx

The Storm Lynx Mat is a low profile clarification solution. It assists in collecting debris and sediment before it can enter a storm water management system. Thanks to its low profile and reflective covering, it is not a safety hazard and can still easily be seen even when weather conditions are rough.

The Storm Lynx Mat does not cause any water to back up around the drain which could cause additional damage to curb side areas. The Mat comes charged with Soil Lynx, which is a product that enhances water clarification and sediment collection.

We’ve used high flow and natural screening materials in this product. This means that the Storm Lynx allows peak flows of water to enter the drain, while simultaneously filtering out debris and sediment.

The Storm Lynx Mat comes in standard sizes, but can be made to order and fitted for any situation.

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