Wattles are an economical alternative to silt fence and straw bales to intercept sheet flow runoff, reduce channel flow and filter sediment particles from disturbed areas. Wattles are easy to install and remove or can be left permanently to biodegrade on Site.


    • Flexible and conforms to uneven ground
    • Controls stormwater runoff by diverting flow and filtering runoff
    • Reduces velocity and suspended solids.


    • Swales & Drainage Ditches
    • Perimeter controls
    • Slope interceptor devices
    • Check dams
    • Temporary soil stockpiles
    • Curb cuts and drain inlets.
    Wattles Specifications

Wattles are flexible, cylindrical Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFRs) comprised of various types of compressed biodegradable fibers (straw and wood (excelsior) are most common), designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden stormwater runoff on slopes and in channels. SRFRs are designed to be used as perimeter controls, slope interceptor devices, check dams, around temporary soil stockpiles, at curb cuts and drain inlets. SRFRs should be installed in accordance manufacturer’s  installation Guidelines and secured with wooden stakes.

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