Flooding in your region? AquaDam can help you protect your property. It's easy to install, cost-effective and can be reusable when stored properly. We are on the ground in Osoyoos and outyling areas today! Be sure to check with your insurance provider, they have been known to cover a portion of the costs. Give us a call at 780.975.6731 to learn more!


AirDrain® is the innovative, ecologically sound solution for porous paving and erosion control.


    • Patented interlocking design
    • Panels nest for low cost shipment
    • Provides a clearly defined drainage space
    • Provides strength to turf and gravel


    • Porous paving and grass paving
    • Green roof drainage
    • Sports field drainage
    • Stabilized gravel walking trails
    AirDrain Specifications

Product Description

AirDrain® is a versatile, durable and easy to use geosynthetic system that is engineered for exceptional performance under extreme conditions. AirDrain® was designed to be stronger, more cost effective and have faster installation times than conventional drainage techniques while still providing a superior finished product. From grass and gravel paving to sports fields, golf, retaining walls and green roofing, AirDrain® is the answer to all your drainage needs. AirDrain® is a patented, three dimensional, light weight, polymeric product which is easy to handle and quick to install. AirDrain® provides a quick drainage pathway for any application preventing erosion, ponding or standing water. This quick drainage provides cost savings in terms of maintenance and expensive storm water management techniques. AirDrain® is ideal for use in watershed management, erosion control, landscaping, golf courses and sports fields.

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"Your grid is working great. That small section we did last week is rock hard. I would buy everything from you - Triangle, square, I don't care as long as it works." Jason, Full Service Contractor,

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Layfield Australia becomes exclusive Australian distributor for Seaman Corporation XR® Geomembrane product line.

May 11, 2018

Layfield Australia along with the Seaman Corporation is pleased to announce both parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), establishing Layfield as the exclusive distributor of the XR® Geomembrane product line in Australia. 


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