Flooding in your region? AquaDam can help you protect your property. It's easy to install, cost-effective and can be reusable when stored properly. We are on the ground in Osoyoos and outyling areas today! Be sure to check with your insurance provider, they have been known to cover a portion of the costs. Give us a call at 780.975.6731 to learn more!

AquaShield Aqua-Swirl

Aqua-Swirl® Stormwater Treatment System is a flow-through water quality device designed to remove coarse sediment, debris and free floating oil.


    • Very Quick and simple installation which results in reduced project costs.
    • H2O loading capabilities.
    • Excavation costs are reduced due to a small footprint design.
    • Lightweight and durable construction.
    • Comes with lifting supports and cables included.


    • Can be used for a variety of purposes in the field.
    • Sediment, floating debris and free oil removal and control.
    AquaShield Aqua-Swirl Specifications

AquaSwirl® is a Stormwater Treatment solution and deals especially well with the removal of coarse sedimant, floating debris and free oil. This solutions is highly modular, which means it has no moving parts and it can operate under gravity flow conditions within a single swirl chamber. Each AquaSwirl® unit comes with lifting supports and stub-outs for the inlet and outlet piping. The units are designed to quickly and easily connect to a conveyance storm pipe. What's more, inspection and maintenance can be performed simply from the surface, without the need of special equipment. For cleaning an AquaSwirl® unit, a vacuum truck is most frequently used.

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