Bioswales are a form of bioretention designed to slow surface water runoff and help in the removal of stormwater pollutants.


    • Reduces the volume of stormwater runoff
    • Removes pollutants & sediments through filtration
    • Provides a clearly defined drainage space
    • Can be incorporated into green infrastructure 


    • Stormwater Runoff Management
    • Groundwater Recharge
    • Can be utilized in flood prevention
    Bioswales Specifications

Product Description

Also known as infiltration swales, Bioswales are a form of bioretention designed to slow surface water runoff and help in the removal of stormwater pollutants. Like standard ditches, they transport large volumes of stormwater to a discharge point. Unlike ditches, they slow down the movement of runoff allowing the water to be cleaned and filtered along the way. These Bioswales can be used in many applications including pollutant removal, drainage retrofitting, and runoff management. Some of the advantages of Bioswales are that they require little maintenance, they remove pollutants from runoff, and they are able to recharge the groundwater.

In our Bioswales we recommend useing Enviro Liner® 1000 (EL1000). This is a specialized polyethylene flexible membrane liner material that has been developed for medium term performance applications. Enviro Liner 1000 is placed to prevent premature infiltration into the ground.
In 30 and 40 mil thicknesses, EL1000 comes with a light colored top skin layer (light grey or white) and a black layer on the bottom. The light colored face helps to identify potential sheet damage and leaks (if the light colored top skin layer is damaged it will normally show the black core layer). The light colored face also reflects sunlight better than the black face, helping reduce wrinkles caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Enviro Liner® 1000 is a flexible membrane liner that can be factory fabricated so that it can be delivered to site as large panels. We can also produce 22.5 ft wide roll stock by special order.

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    LOCATION:  Vista, California
    TIMEFRAME: January 2018
    Furnish and Install 30 mil EnviroLiner 1000 Series Geomembrane    

    PROJECT PARTNERS: Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield

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