Strengthened Soil Wall MSE

Strengthened Soil is a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE or RSS) wall system with precast concrete panels for facing.


    • Ideal for high vertical walls
    • Suitable for heavy loads
    • Able to accommodate some settlement
    • Fast and easy to install


    • Medium or high walls at vertical or near vertical inclination
    • Grade separations for highways, roads, and bridge abutments
    • Mining structures
    • Lake fronts and sea walls
    Strengthened Soil Wall MSE Specifications

Product Description

Strengthened SoilTM is a mechanically stabilized earth system with precast concrete panel facing. Soil reinforcement elements are connected to the back of the panels. This system is ideal for high walls and heavy loads at vertical or near vertical inclinations. The precast concrete facing panels can be cast with architectural features on the front face and the top of the wall may include a concrete coping cap or barrier. Compressible pads are placed on the top of each panel prior to installation of the next row of panels which creates a flexible wall system able to withstand some settlement. Retaining walls are usually constructed in areas to save space. Typically the structure delivers advantages in right of way and reduced space that could not be achieved with slopes and embankments. Applications include highways, city roads, industrial, mining structures, residential developments, bridge abutments, lake fronts, streams, railways, sea walls and commercial developments.

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