The Cost of Wasting Space


It seems like a no-brainer to save precious land surfaces that have high commercial value and not "waste" it on storing run-off stormwater.

With rapid urbanization, every commercial development project must address the issues of efficient stormwater management. Maintaining the quality of water and ensuring public safety are crucial.  

The problem that arises due to the increase of developed land is the fact less and less surface area can soak up storm water. That means that if you want to handle vast quantities of runoff from the ever-growing urban landscape, you’re going to need a lot of space in the form of big ponds. But in a city, the price of land doesn't favor "wasting" large lots of land on just water storage. Even popular stormwater solutions like green infrastructures are dependent on the availability of undeveloped land. With no undeveloped space available for developing a stormwater management system, we have to look at sub-surface solutions where ‘space availability’ is not a deciding factor.

An underground stormwater management solution allows you to store water under the surface of ground, so the same ground above can be used for a commercial purpose like the creation of parking lots, sports complex and other utilities.

So, instead of storing water on a big pond, you can store water under a parking lot and save on space.

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