Introducing: the newly enhanced AquaDam®, designed to make installation and removal smoother than ever! The new, hybrid design uses our patented tie back end and an open end for quick draining and easy connection. With the tied back system, AquaDam® flood control systems are self-supportive and eliminate the need for an elevated starting point.

When faced with a sudden flooding sitaution, there is simply not enough time or manpower available to quickly intervene. AquaDam® is a unique product that uses a source of available water to hold back and control floods. The one thing that is readily available in a flood is water and we take advantage of this resource to build study barriers with the AquaDam® tubes. These temporary flood control barriers are proven to be effective for flood prevention and protecting all types of properties.

The speed and convenience of flood control AquaDams allow emergency response officials to rapidly protect large areas of flooding with minimal resources. The AquaDam® flood control system can be cleaned, stored and reused.

How it works

Choose your Starting Point

The AquaDam® will arrive on-site rolled up like a carpet. Place the roll in the intended path. Unwrap the roll, confirm orientation, and unroll the unit along the chosen path.

Filling the AquaDam®

Insert a hose into each fill tube or connect fittings with the hoses supplied. Ensure the hose is installed far enough into the fill tubes to prevent the hose from falling out during filling. Add water into both inner tubes at the same time. Once filled, tie rope tightly around the fill tubes to restrict them to a manageable size and keep elevated.

Connecting the AquaDam®

All standard AquaDams come with a coupling collar at the tie back end. This is where the next AquaDam® would be connected into. Simply slide the end of the next AquaDam® into the collar with approximately 18"-24" of overlap against the previous dam and begin to fill.



Sandbags have been the go-to method for flood protection for years and are far from perfect. AquaDams are faster and cheaper to install than sandbag berms. It typically requires 5 people and 4 hours to build a 100 ft long sandbag dike. However, a similar sized AquaDam® can be installed by 2 people in 20 minutes; therefore making it at least 10 time faster to install.



Residential Applications

When faced with a sudden flooding situation, stacking sandbags are not efficient or effective in protecting your homes. In a matter of hours, a home owner can protect their property successfully with AquaDam®.

Municipal Applications

When protecting infrastructures from flooding, rapid deployment and minimal manpower is key. AquaDams can be placed next to river banks to protect hundreds of homes or to ensure critical access points remain open.


When flood waters are heading your way, AquaDam® can be deployed quickly and help mitigate against costly downtime after flooding. We offer wellsite/ pump jack protection to ensure we keep your properties protected.

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