Introducing: the newly enhanced AquaDam®, designed to make installation and removal smoother than ever! The new, hybrid design adds a drain/fill port for more controlled draining & an open end for quick draining and easy connection.

We’ve also added our patented tied back end which helps create a self-supportive structure, eliminating the need for an elevated starting point.


How it works

Choose your Starting Point

The AquaDam® will arrive on-site rolled up like a carpet. Place the roll at the highest point along the chosen path. Unwrap the roll, confirm orientation, and unroll the unit along the chosen path.

Filling the AquaDam®

Insert a hose into each fill tube or connect fittings to fill ports, ensuring the hose is installed far enough into the fill tubes to prevent the hose from falling out during filling. Add water into both inner tubes at the same time. Once filled, tie rope tightly around the fill tubes to restrict them to a manageable size.

Connecting the AquaDam®

All standard AquaDams come with a coupling collar at the closed end. The other end has the fill tubes and has been designed to fit snugly into the coupling collar.



AquaDams are faster and cheaper than standard sandbags. AquaDams can be installed 10 times faster than sandbags and only use half the man power. AquaDams also offer a 25% savings (or more in some instances) over sandbags. They can also be reused multiple times, unlike sandbags which are disposed of after one use.

Residential Applications

When faced with a sudden flooding situation, there is simply no time or manpower available to quickly intervene. Sandbags are usually a non-efficient solution. In a matter of hours, a home owner can protect his/her property successfully with AquaDam ®.

Municipal Applications

AquaDams are popular in regions that face a spring melt floodor flooding of a local river or lake. AquaDams are usually placed next to the banks of a river to protect hundreds of homes or to keep roads accessible to traffic.

Energy Companies

We deploy quickly and on budget over a wide array of businesses. We offer Wellsite/Pump Jack Protection to ensure we keep your property protected.


View our step by step installation guide to see how easy setting up an Aqua Dam is.

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