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Water Treatment With No Impact?

Water quality is key to keeping your impact on the environment as low as possible. Dirty water can be a real headache to deal with, especially since removing pollutants with chemicals might make water unsafe for the environment.

That's why improving water quality with little to no impact on the environment is key. Especially if you're able to be compliant with all environmental regulations.

Sediment & Soil Erosion Control

Erosion can do a lot of damage to the environment. Handling dust problems and optimizing soil can make all the difference. Proper soil and dust treatment solutions can reduce costs significantly and reduce the impact on the environment while handling unfavorable conditions more effectivly.


Complete Treatment Solutions That Make Sense

Clearflow Lynx solutions for any situation.

Deal With Extremely High Sediment Loads

Our Water Lynx Blocks are easy to use, easy to integrate into existing operations and have reduced operational costs to clean a cubic meter of sediment laden water.

Keep Soil in place and Stimulate Regrowth

Soil Lynx holds seeds and fertilizer firmly in place. It's used for soil revegetation and to improve overall slope stability. It's a powerful product that requires far less maintenance than any comparable product in the market.

Protect Storm Sewers against unwanted sediment

If you're looking for the most effecive and best affordable solution for storm sewer systems, you'll be all set with our Storm Lynx product line. This mat forms to any curb type and has a low profile. It comes charged with Soil Lynx, which enhances water clarification and sediment control.


Water Lynx in Action

The power of Clearflow Lynx products


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