Erosion Control on Steepened Slopes is Tough

See what experts found when they conducted a large-scale test on
High Perfomance Turf Reinforcement Mats on steepened slopes

Challenges faced during Erosion Control

Erosion control for steepened slopes can often be quite a challenge. Dealing with both run-off sediment and at the same time guaranteeing consistent growth or regrowth of vegation is a careful balancing acts. To understand how we can combat heavy erosion, we have to first look at what happens in soil erosion.

The topmost layer of soil is one of the most fertile and nutritious ones. Due to heavy rain or storm, this gets washed away, which results in a poor yield of any vegation planted there.

As soil erosion gets worse and worse, the soils ability to hold water and other nutrients reduces. This also leads to the washing away of any saplings or seeds.

When eroded soil is washed away by storm water, it can pollute nearby water sources. Eroded soil is often high in chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, making it unfit for any potable or other usages.


What can we do to deal with these challenges?


Dynamic Erosion Control

In order to combat soil erosion, we need to use a dynamic process of soil management. This basically means that we adapt our systems and methods to the fluctuations in soil depth due to erosion. This is the opposite of a "set-and-forget-it" type of system, where we don't closely monitor the level of soil erosion. Dynamic erosion control enables us to increase the longevity of any agricultural operation.

Slope Stabilization

Protecting and stabilizing the soil, is an important method in the fight against erosion. There are several methods to achieve this. The most important challenge we face is to properly stabilize the soil against any stresses, hydraulic or non-hydraulic, without losing infiltration rate of surface water and growth rate of vegetation.

Reinforcing Roots and Stems

When stabilizing a slope, an important factor to keep in mind, is the reinforcement of any roots and stems planted in the fertile soil. Runoff water and heavy storms can easily loosen both nutrients and plants.

Propex ArmorMax ®

These Turf Reinforcement Mats act as earth anchors and work together to lock soil in place and protect against hydraulic stresses. Armormax provides dynamic erosion control and slope stabilization solutions for up to 75 years.

This solution is easy to install and can be used in applications with little or no vegetation. ArmorMax ® is most frequently used for flood protection, in the restoration of shorelines and in the protection of golf courses.

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Propex Pyramat ®

For erosion protection of slopes, banks and channels, Pyramat ® offers the best solution. These reinforcement mats are specially engineered for superior erosion control on steep slopes and vegetated waterways

This solution is a three-dimensional, lofty woven polypropylene geotextile. It's recognized by both the EPA and the FHA as a Best Management Practice to improve water quality. Its patented X3 Fiber technology helps to lock in seeds and promote rapid root mass development.

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