Aquabox is a high capacity modular system for stormwater retention, infiltration and detention.


    •  Fast and easy installation
    •  Lightweight modules & versatile
    •  Made of recycled polypropylene


    • Infiltration
    • Retention
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    Aquabox Specifications

Product Description

Aquabox system has been engineered for efficient stormwater retention and is suitable for different applications such as infiltration, retention, or attenuation systems. It was designed for fast installation, fully inspectable and suitable for both landscape and traffic areas, following the standard parameters of Sustainable Drainage Systems.
Aquabox is an underground plastic module in which water is collected and stored. The aim of this system is to collect the rainwater temporarily and release it with a time delay into the sewage infrastructure, preventing flooding in urban areas.
The storage space is created by a multitude of Aquabox elements, which can be combined to form systems of any size. The advantage of this method is that with this infiltration system, the cavity volume is up to 3 times larger than gravel ditch and thus space and excavation can be saved.
Stormwater retention and infiltration system created with Aquabox provides efficient flood protection both for the natural and built environment. This way, the system also prevents damages and further remediation costs, justifying the profitability of the overall investment.

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